Sunday, 23 December 2012


Yallo again!

So I am here typing at 11 14 pm right now (I guessed it would be 11 13, I was one minute off haha) in the heat with loud neighbours. Cheering and screaming 'join us...'. Join your for what? I'm doing a wanky blog. Leave me!

So today was really good. Did some practice! It's getting easier to flip out of heavy feeling singing and sing properly. Still not perfect, though. Sang some Mussorgsky, Mozart, Handel, and A H Malotte's Lord's Prayer in there too. It has a Bb. I sang it with a certain ease I would not have had a year ago. I listened to a recording of myself singing a year ago and the change is crazy. FYI, I also thought about singing thou shalt break them from Messiah, but I decided against it. LOL.

The festive season soon! Woot! Pressies. The family will be somewhat better this year, I hope.

So Merry Christmas everyone! Not that anyone even reads this at all.

Peace of the Christ child,

J x

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