Sunday, 20 October 2013

What I think of hard line Evangelicals

Im sure it’s all unbundantly clear to people around the world the political and societal wars that are happening between those who oppose same-sex marriage and those who support it. Sometimes these conflicts get quite violent- whether it is behind some sort of lectern, on a keyboard, or in some extreme cases, physical fights. These instances I have been lucky enough not to have witnessed, but I know all too well that the fights over whether being a homoseuxual is ‘wrong’ or ‘right’ happen.
I’m sure it is also abundantly obvious that various religious groups are involved in the fray. Among the most prevalent in western society are Christians of various denominations and traditions. In Australia, the ACL (Australian Christian Lobby), is possibly the most prevalent and powerful Christian group that is opposed to same-sex marriage. No, it is not the Roman catholic church. Believe it.
Now, I am an Anglican Christian. I am not from the same tradition as the ACL (although they say on their website that they have 'no denominational affiliations’ they take a very hard line Evangelical approach to Christianity). My approach to Christianity is very different. It is impossible to sum it up in one small article, and I am sure theirs is not so simple either. However, I have noticed one thing very distinctive about the theology of the ACL. They will readily name and point fingers, indiscriminately, and call all people sinners.
They seem to have been shouting ‘sinner!’ at homosexuals simply because they are homosexual.

But I wonder- if one day, out of the blue, the baptist stood before them and yelled ‘REPENT! For the kingdom of God is at hand’, would they face up to it? I’m not saying in any way if that happened to me I would, but I just wonder with all this finger pointing, what would they do if that happened?

John the Baptist- one of the most powerful speakers in Christian history. Poor guy met a sticky end...

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